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Our Story and a Dog: We’ve been partnering with companies like yours in San Diego for thirty years. We’re experts in turning office break room spaces into retreats where employees come to refresh and recharge. Our wide range of services feature the most requested brand-name snacks, beverages and treats to keep employees engaged and productive throughout the work day. Our team will create a custom break room services menu to delight your employees. And, we’ll regularly rotate in new products to keep your selection interesting and fresh.

The dog... Is a service hound, we are hounds for service… Created in 1984 by our founder Norm Leider... His name is TriR. He’s a retro embodiment of the hardworking, dedicated spirit of man’s best canine friend. And because we’re in the west, he’s sporstrutting proud after winning the Vend Operator of the Year Award. He’s a bit old school yes, but our commitment to our customers still stands today. When you ring the breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner bell, we’ll come running.

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Serving San Diego since 1984. Our story and a dog

Your Greater San Diego Partner For
Pantry Service

Explore Pantry Service

Custom designed pantry service for the Greater San Diego businesses.

Pantry service gives easy access to quick meal options to keep employees happy, healthy and productive.

Improve company morale by offering sponsored snacks and drinks free to employees. Tri-R Coffee & Vending makes it simple with a wide variety of products including fresh fruit, individual dispensers of candy and cereal, sandwiches, and a selection of other healthy options. We handle all procurement and delivery then send you a bill monthly.

Transform your break room into an employee benefit

Enhance your employees office experience by offering energizing refreshments that will change the culture of your workplace.

Happy Employees Boost Office Productivity

Attract + Retain Top Professionals

Increase Employer Appreciation

Easy Meals

Signature Coffee

Refreshing Drinks

Delicious Snacks

Are you wanting to enhance your breakroom?

  • Create a collaborative culture that promotes a fun workplace.
  • Establish a tool to retain and recruit top talent.
  • Maximize sustainability for your employees.
  • Reward your team with the low cost and popular food and beverage items.
  • Employees can enjoy snacks, ready to eat meals on-site without having to leave the workplace.
  • Pantry services provide a comfortable and welcoming space for employees to relax, recharge, and energize.

To learn more about pantry service and how it can improve your break room,
contact Tri-R Coffee & Vending today at 760-753-1112