Why San Diego Micro-Markets are the Perfect Office Perk Your Team Will Love

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Trying to find a great perk for your team can be tough. The good news? Tri-R Coffee & Vending has got you covered! We offer custom micro-markets. That means you can fill your San Diego break room with snacks and drinks your employees will love. Here’s everything you need to know!

A Perk With Tons of Tasty Snacks

Get an upgrade from your San Diego vending machine! Our San Diego micro-markets have all sorts of snacks to choose from. Whether you’re into classic goodies or healthier options, there’s something tasty for everyone. Think chocolate, chips, spicy nut mixes, granola bars and more.

Plus, a micro-market offers a variety of fresh food options for lunch. Inside glass coolers, the grab-and-go food is extra easy to browse and ingredient check. We stock everything from salads and sandwiches to dairy and protein-packed meat snacks! Your team will thank you for the new addition to your San Diego break room service!

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Endless Beverages to Choose From

Thirsty? Micro-markets have room for more than just the top soda flavors in cold beverage vending machines. Instead, there are tons of drink choices. Plus, we offer new options all the time. You can grab brand-name cold brew coffee, energy drinks, or flavored sparkling water. There’s something for every taste. And that’s a perk that employees can get behind!

Add This Perk to Your Coffee Service

Don’t worry about how our micro-markets fit with your coffee setup. We can make it happen for you! This break room style goes perfectly with traditional coffee machines. It can even be used with single-cup and bean-to-cup coffee service. That means you can enjoy your favorite brew alongside your snacks.

Make your office awesome with a San Diego micro-market and give your team a perk to smile about at work. Contact Tri-R Coffee & Vending today at 760-753-1112 to learn more about how we can upgrade your break room. We’d love to work with you!

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