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Our Story and a Dog: We’ve been partnering with companies like yours in Otay for thirty years. We’re experts in turning office break room spaces into retreats where employees come to refresh and recharge. Our wide range of services feature the most requested brand-name snacks, beverages and treats to keep employees engaged and productive throughout the work day. Our team will create a custom break room services menu to delight your employees. And, we’ll regularly rotate in new products to keep your selection interesting and fresh.

The dog... Is a service hound, we are hounds for service… Created in 1984 by our founder Norm Leider... His name is TriR. He’s a retro embodiment of the hardworking, dedicated spirit of man’s best canine friend. And because we’re in the west, he’s sporstrutting proud after winning the Vend Operator of the Year Award. He’s a bit old school yes, but our commitment to our customers still stands today. When you ring the breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner bell, we’ll come running.

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Serving Otay since 1984. Our story and a dog

vending machines throughout OtayYour Premier vending machines and office coffee service in Otay

When you’re in need of a quality vending service for your Otay business, you’ve come to the right place! Tri-R Coffee & Vending offers a full line of vending products for businesses large and small, so we’re confident we can help meet your needs.

At Tri-R, our full service vending goes beyond the standard vending machines -- though we have those too! Here are some of the great product and services you can get when you work with us for vending needs in Otay:

Office Coffee Service and water filtration in OtayYour Superior Office Coffee Provider and Water Filtration Service in Otay

Water filtration systems. Skip the heavy 5-gallon jugs and go with a system that’s plumbed right into your building’s water line. Our floor-standing and countertop filtration systems deliver clean, great tasting water with just the push of a button. What’s more, you’ll get both hot and cold water.

Office coffee service. Sure, we offer the standard coffee equipment and coffee selections for your Otay business, but we also add in more variety by offering single-cup systems as well as flavored coffees and teas.

Vending machines. Choose from carbonated and non-carbonated beverages with our Coca Cola and Pepsi vending machines, as well as an assortment of snack items. We can provide cold food vending machines, healthy vending machines, and more traditional items, as well as offering the option of free or subsidized vending paid for by your company.


Your Leading Micro-Market Service Provider Throughout Otay

When you’re looking for something way beyond the standard fare, micro-markets are it. We’ll set up your break room to look like a small convenience store with coolers and racks filled with a wider variety of snacks and drinks. Employees will then be able to pay for those items with a debit or credit card using the self-checkout feature.

Whatever your Otay business’ needs, Tri-R is here to help.

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